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What is Rebelor?

Experience the outdoors with products made by those who live and breathe the outdoors. The Rebelor marketplace is here to connect you with gear made with passion and purpose. Our goal is to help independent and small-medium size businesses grow while helping you find the right gear. Rebelor is here to bring you new, custom, personalized, and other unique products that you may not find in the big retailers. Have something you want to share with the outdoor community? Join now and list your products for free!

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Our Mission

Rebelor’s mission is more than bringing you unique products and helping businesses grow. At Rebelor, we cherish the outdoors and the experiences it provides. Three of our core values are Conservation, Family, and Education. Conservation – Our natural resources are perhaps the most critical component of our outdoor experiences. At Rebelor, we encourage everyone to participate in keeping our wildlife and resources as pristine as possible. You may not know this, but every purchase you make provides funding for states and territories to support wildlife restoration, conservation, and hunter education and safety! Family – Just as conservation is important to our experiences outdoors, so are families. Rebelor encourages families to step away from electronics and everyday life to reconnect with nature and themselves. A healthy family provides a healthy life. Plus, your purchases from our independent creators may be helping support a family! Education –We believe the more we learn about the outdoors, the better the world becomes. Rebelor encourages everyone to educate themselves on our natural resources, how they are managed, and how to enjoy them. Who knows, you may even discover more activities and passions! We want to thank you for your business and wish you happy adventures!